Michelle “Bunny” Caluneo

Bunny’s Dog Grooming – Pearland, TX

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About Michelle

My name is Michelle “Bunny” Caluneo and I have been the owner of Bunny’s Dog Grooming since 2022. Prior to that, I was a registered dental hygienist for almost 20 years. Although I absolutely loved working as a healthcare provider, working with animals has always been such a passion of mine. Dog training, grooming and canine behavior has been a huge part of my life for the past couple decades. Two years ago, I decided to make this crazy leap and I haven’t looked back since. I’m truly enjoying this whole process of learning and making pups beautiful while giving them the most enjoyable experience possible. Every day I try to learn something new and do more beautiful grooms than the day before!

Q&A with Michelle

So my goals for this year are to continue to up my grooming game! I love learning and trying to improve in anyway I can. I’m definitely planning on attending some seminars this year too. Also absolutely loving all this networking and social media. Not sure where all this is taking me, but I am certainly enjoying the ride!

I would say a Leonberger. I have the sweetest girl that comes to me regularly. She’s huge and takes forever to groom, but I am so in love with her. She looks glorious when we’re done and photographs beautifully. Definitely a very rewarding groom!

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