Cat & Dog Grooming Supplies for Wholesale

Bio-Groom offers wholesale grooming supplies for both retailers and professional groomers. 

We’ve been helping fur babies and their families for over 50 years, and we’re committed to providing effective and safe pet grooming supplies for our wholesale customers.

Wholesale Dog Grooming Products

Whether you’re a groomer who wants your customers to have the best or a retailer who wants to be able to sell high-quality, pet-friendly products, Bio-Groom’s wholesale community can help. 

As a member, you’ll get access to exclusive membership deals that allow you to provide your clients with Bio-Groom products.

Wholesale Cat Grooming Products

Don’t ignore our feline friends. Cat owners have unique needs and require unique products for their furry friend.

As a groomer or retailer, you’ll have access to our feline grooming products to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Wholesale Products Available from Bio-Groom

Bio-Groom offers our most popular products available to our retail partners. We’re committed to helping retailers, groomers, and our community of customers find the best and safest products for their pets.

We offer products for dogs, cats, and horses, including accessory products for groomers and pet owners.

Benefits of Shopping with Bio-Groom

Over 50 Years of Experience

Bio-Groom has been pursuing innovation in animal care products since 1971. We’re committed to learning, growing, and providing our customers with superior products for their beloved pets.

Family-Owned Business

Bio-Groom began in Claus Pohl’s Longview, TX, basement with a simple mission: to create effective products safe for pets and the environment. Our family still pursues that mission.

Committed to Invention

We work alongside groomers and pet owners to learn about their evolving needs, and our team strives to create new products that meet those unique needs. 

Simplified Shopping Experience

We’ve simplified the shopping process for our wholesale customers to eliminate obstacles between them and the high-quality pet grooming products their customers want.

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