Mixing Dilution Bottle

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Product Highlights

  • Mixing Bottle to easily dilute shampoos and conditioners
  • Features measurement lines relevant for Bio-Groom products
  • Makes storing mixed, diluted products simple
  • Holds 32 ounces
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Size: 32 oz.



Some of our shampoos and conditioners are concentrates that ought to be diluted before use, and almost all of our shampoos and conditioners can be diluted to whatever desired strength is applicable for your pet. This 32 ounce Mixing Bottle makes diluting Bio-Groom Shampoos and Conditioners a breeze with helpful measurement lines.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9.5 in

32 oz.

Find the suggested dilution ratio on the label of the Bio-Groom Shampoo or Conditioner you would like to dilute. Pour the appropriate amount of product to the desired fill line, then use warm water to fill the rest of the bottle. Shake the Mixing Bottle well before use. Then simply start bathing!
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