Nadia Bongelli

Doggieland Toronto – Toronto, Canada

Head Groomer

About Nadia

Nadia Bongelli brings nearly 15 years of professional pet grooming experience to Toronto, where she embarked on her grooming journey in 2012 with her Miniature Poodle, “Juno,” delving into the world of competitive grooming. By 2015, she was a regular competitor in both Canadian and American circuits, amassing an impressive array of awards over the next five years. Among her notable achievements are the Barkleigh Honors’ “Up and Coming Groomer of the Year” in 2015, Intergroom’s “Rising Star of the Year” in 2016, and the esteemed title of Intergroom’s “International Groomer of the Year” in 2017. Maintaining her position as Canada’s top-ranked competitive groomer since 2018, Nadia’s crowning moments include clinching the Superzoo SuperJackpot in 2022 and securing second place in Champion Spaniels and Setters at Belgium’s prestigious Groomania Competition in 2023. Beyond her grooming competitions, Nadia is a sought-after speaker at international events, generously sharing her expertise with audiences large and small. Actively involved in the Canadian Kennel Club, she regularly showcases her dogs in conformation rings. As a valued member of the Groom Team Canada Travel Team, Nadia eagerly anticipates her upcoming second tour with her remarkable team this September. Gold has never felt so close!

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