Case Pack – Bio-Sheen™ Mink Oil Spray for Horses

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  • Bio-Sheen™ is a mink oil spray conditioner for horses
  • Instantly conditions and polishes coat
  • Gives hair a dazzling, lustrous shine
  • Highlights and brightens all colors
  • Untangles manes and tails
  • Sunscreens protect coat from damage, bleaching and drying
  • 100% biodegradable
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Size: 32 oz.

This case pack includes 12 units of product.



Bio-Sheen™ Mink Oil Horse Spray Conditioner is an instant coat glosser and conditioner. Enriched with vitamin E, Bio-Sheen™ gives the hair a beautiful, brilliant shine instantly. Bio-Sheen™ intensifies all colors, makes whites sparkle, and leaves your horse with a show-ring finish. It helps untangle manes and tails, making them shine and stay in place better. And it conditions the coat and skin – essential for dry, dull coats.

Bio-Sheen™ is fortified with all-natural ingredients of mink oil, vitamin E, and lanolin. It contains special sunscreens to help protect the hair from sun damage, bleaching, and drying. For show-ring perfection don’t just groom – Bio-Groom! Your horse is worth it.

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32 oz.

  • Horse coat glosser and conditioner.
  • Our formula is enriched with all-natural ingredients of mink oil, vitamin E, and lanolin.
  • The special sunscreens in Bio-Sheen protect your horse’s hair from sun damage and drying out.
  • This horse conditioner spray untangles the mane and tail and conditions the coat and skin – great for dry coats!

Bathe horse first. For best results, bathe horse with Bio-Groom Protein-Lanolin enriched Golden Sheen Shampoo. Rinse and allow to dry. Then spray Bio-Sheen lightly and evenly over the entire coat, mane, and tail while avoiding eyes. Brush and groom as usual.

Keep out of reach of children. Product is flammable. Do not spray near open flame. Avoid spraying in eyes.

Isopropyl Alcohol, Lanolin, Mink Oil, Mineral Oil, Ethylhexyl Dimethyl PABA, Wheat Germ Oil, Benzophenone-3, Perfume.
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